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No Names No Checkboxes

Started by ea, November 29, 2022, 09:29:57 PM

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I download PMPC for my friend's pc. PMPC can update applications that installed before but I cannot install new applications

Liviu (Patch My PC)

hello ea, can you please go to the Options tab, and Enable Verbose Logging?

Then, in the installation folder, you will get a new file: PatchMyPC.log.
Please attach that.


7.12.2022 04:55:45 - C:\Users\user\Downloads\PatchMyPC.ini does not exist.
7.12.2022 04:55:45 - Cannot get portable App path from the registry.
7.12.2022 04:55:45 - Patch My PC Started
7.12.2022 04:55:45 - Checking connection to patchmypc.com
7.12.2022 04:55:45 - Verified connection to patchmypc.com. Status Code: 200
7.12.2022 04:55:45 - Getting latest definitions from patchmypc.com
7.12.2022 04:55:46 - Definition load completed in: 0,13 seconds
7.12.2022 04:55:46 - Patch My PC version is running. The latest is
7.12.2022 04:55:46 - Performing scan of installed applications
7.12.2022 04:55:46 - Scan completed in: 0,23 seconds

and same problem on a windows 10 virtual pc


i have the exact same problem...  :-[
any help will be appreciated.


same problem with my windows pc

David Courtel (Patch My PC)

Hi, ea and lolomolo, can you tell us what are your regional settings in Windows?



Hi David; i use my Pc in Turkish language and these are my settings...
gg.aa.yyyy is translated to English as dd.mm.yyyy


I changed date format from EU to US and problem is solved
Quote from: David Courtel (Patch My PC) on January 03, 2023, 01:01:23 AMHi, ea and lolomolo, can you tell us what are your regional settings in Windows?