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PeaZip 8.7.0 on Windows 11 BUG

Started by AnneF, July 15, 2022, 10:35:26 AM

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Peazip 8.7.0  (Windows 11) will NOT create a new zip file in the SAME FOLDER where the object files exist.  Reproduceable.

Checking "Archive to Original Path" also causes the box above it to be checked (and greyed out so you can't uncheck it), which is to make every source file a separate zip file (which works fine, if that's what you want), but whenever you create a single zip file out of a group of files, Peazip insists on saving the zip file anywhere EXCEPT the original location of the source objects (unless you want to type in the entire path to that folder).

That is the function that I would use most - REPLACING the group of files with a single zip (encrypted) zip file in the SAME folder - it is way too much trouble to do that now.  You have to not only zip the files, but then you have to find the resulting zip file (wherever it was created) and move it back to the original folder you were working in.

Peazip offers to let you set a default destination (the documentation SAYS the default destination is the same folder as the object files), but will only allow you to TYPE IN a FULL path - it does NOT offer an option for the default path to be in the Original, or same, folder (even when you are using the context menu in that folder).  And, if you check "Archive to Original Path" as the destination, Peazip insists on ALSO checking (in grey, so you cannot uncheck it) the box above it that causes EACH object file to create a separate zip file, instead of combining them into a single archive file.  For me, that removes the primary use I would make of the program.

I'm certain this is not intentional because in it's own online  documentation (quoted below) from Peazip specifically says that is DOES perform the function I require:
"By default, the OUTPUT PATH of the archive will be the SAME AS THAT OF THE SOURCE OBJECT." 
But it isn't.  Apparently the default is the Desktop, because that is where any multiple-object archive file ends up.


I don't think this is the right place to report this issue, since PeaZip is a different application and has its own forum.
You should contact the PeaZip support from within the help menu of PeaZip.
This forum is just for "Patch My PC", not for any of the applications that you can install through it.


Hi, StPendl,  I'm sorry I didn't understand that.  I will try to find the right place to post this.  Should I try deleting it?  Thanks, AnneF


No need to delete the thread, it will help others, if they search for a similar issue.