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IOBit version detected is wrong

Started by apricoto, November 04, 2019, 07:46:56 PM

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shows wrong current version for IOBit.  Wants to update to version that IOBit is currently.

I have attached screenshot of Patch My Pc showing incorrect version number, and screenshot of IOBit showing current version .

Omar (Patch My PC)

The latest iObit Uninstaller is v9.1.0.11


confusing.  misleading info.  When I click iobit uninstaller  "check for updates' it tells me, now, after receiving your reply, that I am up to date.  (see attached pic).  Yet at the iobit site, when I click on download for uninstaller, it takes me to cnet site which has the . 

iobit uninstaller can't correctly determine whether there is an update? Or doesn't think the x.x.x.x+3 is worth installing?