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Thanks for the detail! We will update this in the next catalogue release.

I just compared the applicability logic for the first update we added to our catalogue for Nextcloud  ( versus what's in there today ( and I do not spot any differences like you suggest.

There are not any known problems for Nextcloud.

When you say "does not work at all", what are you experiencing?

21.005.20048 is the version that's in our catalogue today. 21.005.20054 is the version in question.

We're dubious of this release, because it's not announced in the way it usually is by Adobe. Adobe generally announce new releases at the page:

Even the file downloaded from here is 21.005.20048:

We'll keep an eye on this and update it if Adobe update their formal release page.

Can you share the log files? There's some discrepancy in version numbers in what you've copied and pasted.

The folder is hidden by default so you might need to type the directory in to File Explorer address bar.

If it really is missing, that will likely cause you significantly more issues down the road with more than just this Adobe software. However if the folder exists, it is likely the one needed installer has been deleted from it.

Hi Keerthi

I'm sorry we missed this, but I can see you emailed in to support anyway and I've been working with you there. Let's continue this case in the support email.

0x8024002D resolves to 'A full-file update could not be installed because it required the source.'

This _might_ be related to this issue detailed here in this article:

What happens if you run the update file directly on a client? Does the UI indicate any failure to install and what the issue might be? Below are the download links for the latest version for you to download on to one of your problem clients and test. I'm not sure if you're trying to install MUI or en-US, so I supplied both links for you:

I distributed  Dell Command Update 4.2.1 on Dell Laptops via Intune, and from all i get 0x80070004 Error

0x80070004 resolves to "The system cannot open the file".

May you please share the below log files from an example client?


Hi Mark

Show package info right click option only shows you the static metadata for that update/package in our catalogue right now. It will not show you your customised command line options defined in the Modify command line text field.

Are you reporting that you're not seeing your custom arguments being used? PatchMyPC-ScriptRunner.log will show you the arguments passed to the installer.

The vendor hasn't been co-operative with the issue so we're likely going to remove the product.

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