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That makes sense.  Thanks for the quick reply!
We bring in "R for Windows" but PMPC does not seem to be aware of version 4.2.0 that was released in April.


It it only bringing in 4.1.13 and that is the only version I see mentioned in the PatchMyPC.log.  I also don't see 4.2.0 being mentioned in the Catalog Updates so I don't think its our agent that is the issue.

Interesting.  Thanks Andrew.  We'll see how it goes next month now that I've added the auto-close option.  Maybe we've been lucky to not see it until now based on how old some of those reported issues are on github.


I'm 0 for 2 on testing Visual Studio Code 1.48.0 (x64) installs if Visual Studio Code is currently running.  Both computers were trying to upgrade from 1.47.X versions.  After the failed upgrade VSC is left in a broken state and throws the error shown in the screenshot when trying to launch (Uncaught Exception JavaScript error).  Attempting to install the update again does not fix the issue.  An install of the download directly from MS does fix it. 

The install seems to have worked on a computer where VS Code was not running at the time.  I have never included the "auto close" option in the past for VSC and it has always worked upgrading over top of a running instance.  So I'm not sure if MS has changed anything with the 1.48.0 version or not.  For now I've switched PMPC to "auto close" VSC and will test again when a new version of VSC releases - I've pulled the update for this months patches.