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Quote from: Justin Chalfant on February 24, 2020, 09:48:15 AM
Would you be able to install the publishing service on the downstream server and launch the modify published updates wizard, and let us know if there are third-party updates listed?

Hi Justin, yes we are be able to Install the publishing service on DownstreamServer..

After we installed the PublishingService on DownstreamServer and configure it up with Licence and Certificate.. as we do it on UpstremServer..
and launch "modify updates wizard" the Third-Party Updates listed that we Published on UpstreamServer.. but not listed in the WSUS Console..

if we select one or all listed Updates and press "Show in WSUS" button.. the updates are visible in the WSUS Console on DownstreamServer..

is this way correctly to do..??


Hi Guys,

is it generally supported Environment for PatchmyPC to use Standalone WSUS Server with one or more Downstream Servers (in Replica Mode).

The WSUS Server and Downstream Servers has no SCCM Integration and all Servers has their own WID Databases..

We are currently in fulltrial mode and are about to buy.
But we would make sure that it is a supported environment...



Quote from: David Courtel - Admin on February 22, 2020, 09:53:49 AM
Is the downstream server a replica of the upstream server?
yes it's configured as DownstreamServer in Replica Mode for UpstreamServer where PMP is up and running..
yes David, i have imported the SiningCertificate that Issued from our Internal PKI on the Downstream Server in LocalMachine\TrustedPublishers..
Both WSUS Servers (Upstream & Downstream) uses their own internal WID Databases...
Hi @all,

we have a seperate WSUS Server installed on Network an out PatchmyPC on that..
after that i do add an additional WSUS Server as Downstream Server in same LAN.

Wen we Select an Update in PatchmyPC an Approve metadata only it appears on WSUS Server where PatchmyPC installed on..
but it doesn't replicate to Downstream Server..

Can anyone give us some help?