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We are aware of this issue and was hoping that there would be a release to resolve it from the PowerToys team fairly quickly... That does not seem to be the case. It seems PowerToys does not install correctly as SYSTEM at the moment.

We are currently working on a notification feature for just this scenario. More info here:

Hi, Can you please open a support case for this here:

If you also have the application specific install logs, would you be able to provide those in the support request as well?


We are working on automating these things on the site, so they'll always be up-to-date. We'll update it manually this week.

We do actually generate an individual list on each sync. It saves a csv in the Patch My PC installation folder called: "PatchMyPC-DownloadHistory.csv"

The issue here was actually that the vendor didn't sign one of the display drivers, which was causing upgrades of this application to fail partway through. Regardless, it has been removed from the catalog for the time being.

That would definitely be a new product request. Can you please submit an idea here:

Do you happen to know if version 15 will upgrade to version 16, etc? I'm worried about having to maintain 8 different OpenJDK branches over time which is why we stuck with the LTS releases for now.

We had done a change for applicability and detection rules with Edge 87.0.664.57 that caused this behavior. We resolved that issue fairly quickly, but the reporting for that version is incorrect. We actually just released today's catalog which should expire the old 87.0.664.57, so there is nothing you will need to do on your end.

Thank you!

Hi David,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, we have corrected the issue and released a new catalog update. If you run a new sync, SnapGene should download correctly.

Interesting. The WindowsUpdate.log may shed more light on this as well.

This may be related to this issue: we've seen this happen both on and off CMG, 3rd party patches may still try to download content and timeout which may account for the long delay. They won't necessarily fail, but will take time as they search for the correct content. That is the only thing that comes to mind at this point.

Could you try to remove and reinstall that application to see if that resolves your issue?


We have been unable to replicate this issue, could we get a screenshot of your "Add/Remove Programs" window showing this application? Thanks!

So does Option 1 not work on newer clients? We may be able to incorportate Option 2 as a post-script, we'll discuss internally and see if we can add this directly to the product.

Thank you so much for providing this info!

Looks like we base the requirement on the title and some internal data. We're going to be looking at the requirements rules in the near future and see if we can make some improvements here.

If you delete an application, Patch My PC will recreate it on the next sync.

I will double-check with the developers what the requirement is to add the x64 requirement to an app.

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