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Messages - Andrew Jimenez (Patch My PC)


The installer we provide for .NET core is the following:

The following Microsoft update cooresponds to this .NET Core version:

This update contains the following installers:
  • dotnet-sdk-7.0.109-win-x86_92c1b51685027fc5319083a535dbdeacf46fa5d9.exe
  • dotnet-sdk-7.0.306-win-x86_a176c4f6917dd358c201829663c0c6de2094ef8d.exe
  • dotnet-sdk-7.0.306-win-x64_01f6ea89b603053b91320cdf2a44476ae70fc919.exe
  • aspnetcore-runtime-7.0.9-win-x64_520293403e037687490b15d9dbd2853072b5fc6b.exe
  • dotnet-hosting-7.0.9-win_87826fe545068398fb96f1275b6e2eb4d35a4518.exe
  • dotnet-sdk-7.0.109-win-x64_c1b86fbac59093001b627fc562025376ed5f70ab.exe
  • aspnetcore-runtime-7.0.9-win-x86_de4e6321bee8984c0455c32edbfe6c5f9dbc160e.exe
  • dotnet-runtime-7.0.9-win-x64_afe58c029fbe7db706be3ea606393b63b515a13f.exe
  • windowsdesktop-runtime-7.0.9-win-x64_e07648b263ec9ec93cc5d8b0fc79ffd098c965fc.exe
  • windowsdesktop-runtime-7.0.9-win-x86_9bea7d769edf160d967b8efe3710bd65e6e3a688.exe
  • dotnet-runtime-7.0.9-win-x86_151a438e7dd6bc2ded98afa714bc966d905e3c0f.exe

(If you click on the following link, then click "Download" next to the installer, you will see the files included with this update: https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=.NET%207.0.9%20x64%20Client )
This leads me to believe that Microsoft is actually patching .NET Core 7 with these updates, as the same installers are included. In fact, Microsoft bundles a lot of installers with their patches. I have looked at the applicability rules that Microsoft uses for these bundles in the past, and they will only install the proper installs based on what is already on the device.
I believe those products are still provided by Microsoft via Windows Update and WSUS: https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=.NET
Ok, so it seems like that is how the installer functions when running as the SYSTEM account unfortunately.

I also checked if you can overwrite the temp folder path for MSIs, and it looks like that isn't allowed either...
QuoteAuthors should not need to set the TempFolder property. Windows Installer uses the GetTempPath function to retrieve the path of the directory designated for temporary files and to set this property.


We don't do anything special regarding those installers, so you may be out of luck. I would try to install them manually using the SYSTEM account and see if you notice the same behavior.
We actually followed up on this a bit more, and we had a mistake in our detection method. This issue should be remediated with today's catalog release (6-15-2023).

Are you ensuring that you are deploying the tool as an uninstall? Or is this being deployed via WSUS? We have seen issues with the tool removing all versions of flash if an in-place upgrade was made from Windows 7 to 10, as the NPAPI flash sticks around, and then cannot be removed by the tool. In those cases, the remaining flash installs will need to be removed manually.
Patch My PC updates for Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 updates will now upgrade existing 2015-2019 installations. We will also be completing removing 2015-2019 from our catalog this week. Thank you!

This likely occurred because we have 3 employees with physical code-signing keys. 2 of the keys were recently renewed, and were not included in the catalog for a short period of time. Because of this, if you synced when one of the new keys were used to sign the catalog, you would get the "trust failed" error.

Since you are still seeing updates being published, I think you might also have the Patch My PC Publisher set up. If you do have the Publisher installed and running, you very likely do not need to have Patch My PC configured in the "Third-Party Software Updates" section of the ConfigMgr console, and the error can be ignored/that connection can be removed.
Just an update. This issue was likely caused by Microsoft removing a Graph endpoint. We're working internally to see what we need to change to get things working again!

We created a KB article for this as well, you can watch that page for more information as new details emerge: https://patchmypc.com/intuneapplicationmanagerstatistics

The way you are attempting to do this is the right way, however, it seems you might be getting time outs from the Intune service. We should have a new prod build in the next few days that might fix this for you. I'll comment on this thread when that release is live.
Hi, that is quite the version jump! We'll check it out!
Yes, we will be sure to mention it in the notification emails, and I'll update this thread when we ship that change.
This is perfect, everything I have seen shows 2015-2022 as a drop-in replacement for 2015-2019. We are planning on  removing 2015-2019 and replacing it with 2015-2022 this month (with the next Publisher release).
Following up on this. We have had 1 other customer report a similar issue, however, because the issue is with the Java installer itself, there is not much we can do to remedy it. We have looked at different install commands and have been unable to resolve the issue ourselves. We'll continue to watch the issue, I imagine this issue will be resolved with Java 381 in July.