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I will try this week,

also the ini file if your tell it to put the shortcut on the desktop it doesn't do it no matter what.

 8) I use patchmypc with auto switch, anyways the bugs I noticed are the default Cache directory problem, I use this in a batch file, with USB Stick, the batch files  copys it to c:\patchmypcupdates as the default. and run it from there. inside a batch file and it works fine, its using the ini file and loads all the software apps programs great. however. a couple of versions ago patchmypc all of sudden start changing the CACHE directory to the USB Stick Cache d:\ , I have tried everything to make it change back to c:\patchmypcupdates but its "NOW" holding it in memory the USB stick d:\ as the CACHE directory. so after I must MANUALY change the default back every time. Otherwise the next the patchmypc is run and there is no USB stick plug in. it crashes and doesn't work until you MANUALY change the default back. if there is some code you could add to make it "check the cache directory" link if nothing there it auto changes back to default. or if you could add a switch /c or something to make it try/lock the default cache directory,. OR clear the cache directory back to default. now I want to say that I am not talking about the IT Cache pro directory or switch, I have that checked and it works fine. until that is after the CACHE directory changes to USB d: and program crashes

My other issue it a way to pick on firefox 32bit as an install instead of 64bit. as a default, this is because many antivirus company's haven't written code to support firefox64 yet. if could put it in the ini file as a way to load it and it works that would be great THANX



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