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My client has an interesting question: if we allow x number of deferrals which are limited to a 5 minute display and return when the app eval cycle re-runs what if the end user missed them all ?   That may sound unlikely but I guess it's in the realm of possibility and that runs the risk of having , at best, an annoyed end user.  I know we can make that indefinite but many end users will see that as something to just ignore.

I was considering maintenance windows to make this more predictable but have i missed a more creative solution ?

quick comment to close this out:  my command line is there ,working exactly as expected  :)
hi Adam ,
that was an amazingly fast response - PMP support is really outstanding.  No I'm not saying that there's an error or malfunction (well, me perhaps but that's another story) , it was my misunderstanding of the show package function - I expected to see my modifications there and didn't realize it was the static metadate not the potentially edited command line.   Thanks for pointing me to the correct log.
I'm testing Zoom updates and app creation before releasing it to production; Zoom takes a rather long command line to home it to the account and configure it which I entered in the modify command line option - however - when I use  the show package info , title, command line option it's not there.  Checking the AppEnforce log after a test only shows the PMP scriptrunner.exe /installPackage  .  These command line entries should show up under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432NODE\ZoomUMX\ but I would think that a modified command line would show up using the show package etc. option also.  Did I miss something ?
Thanks Cody , totally understandable on the support but I appreciate the suggestion,  interesting to dive in to this.

Hi All ,
Is it possible to use the dialog box presented from the "Manage Conflicting processes" options elsewhere? What I'm interested in doing is creating a user experience that's consistent even for applications that are not supported by PMP so my end users have one single branded dialog box for any update or deployment.   
Hi All ,
Would it be possible to add Beyond Trust's Privilege Management to the mix ?


Thanks ,