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When trying to download ccleaner portable it displays this message:

Failed to get download information for CCleaner Portable Download URL: https://download.ccleaner.com/portable/ccsetup602.zip

Can this be fixed?

When trying to update glary utilities in PatchMyPC it displays this error:

Download URL: http://download.glarysoft.com/gu5setup.exe
Failed to get download information for Glary Utilities 5.185 Download URL: http://download.glarysoft.com/gu5setup.exe

Can this be fixed?

The following apps are failing to update on my PC and all displaying the error seen on the attached image:

Windows Update MiniTool[/li][/list]

Can this be fixed?

When trying to install Copy handler in Patch My PC it shows the below error :

Failed to get download information for Copy Handler 1.45 Download URL: https://tenet.dl.sourceforge.net/project/copyhandler/copyhandler/1.45/chsetup-1.45.exe

Can this be fixed?

When attempting to update sumatra pdf it displays this message:

SumatraPDF 3.2 (x64) Failed to start installation of C:\Users\marcu\Desktop\PatchMyPC\PatchMyPCITProCache\SumatraPDF 3.2 (x64).exe
Deleted corrupt installer: C:\Users\marcu\Desktop\PatchMyPC\PatchMyPCITProCache\SumatraPDF 3.2 (x64).exe

Please can this be fixed?
The following apps are not the latest versions in PatchMyPC:

Adobe Reader
Amazon Music

Please can these be fixed?
When I try and download the apps and check them in the folder, the installers are only 0 bytes in size.
The new update will not download for 360 total security. PatchMyPC displays the following message:

Failed to get download information for 360 Total Security Download URL: http://free.360totalsecurity.com/totalsecurity/360TS_Setup_10.8.0.1170.exe

Can this be looked into?

The following have new versions but are not being detected by PatchMyPC:

- Puresync
- Potplayer
- Amazon Music
- MyPhoneExplorer

Please can these be fixed.
Report Bugs and Issues (Free Home Updater) / LMMS
August 10, 2020, 10:53:35 AM
When i download the 64 bit version of LMMS it will install that version. When a future update comes out for LMMS, it scans for the 32 bit version instead and installs that version.

See screenshots attached.
Libre Office fails to download new update. The following message is then shown:

Failed to get download information for LibreOffice 7.0.0 (x64) Download URL: https://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/tdf/libreoffice/stable/7.0.0/win/x86_64/LibreOffice_7.0.0.3_Win_x64.msi

Can this be looked at?
I have noticed quite a few of the below applications I have installed on my machine are not showing the latest version on PatchMyPC
Em client
Adobe Reader
Backup and Sync
Copy Handler
Driver Easy

Can this be fixed?
This issue is still ongoing, can this be fixed?
The download fails and shows the following message:

Failed to get download information for PDFCreator 3.2.0 Download URL: http://purple.download.pdfforge.org/pdfcreator/3.2.0/PDFCreator-3_2_0-Setup.exe
PatchmyPC has not detected the new versions for the followings apps:
K-lite codec pack
Sumatra PDF