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That's what it suggests but I can resolve the IP address from the hostname OK and vice versa.
That didn't work unfortunately. If I try to resolve the URL in a browser, I get the following message which seems to suggest what you were referring to.
Thanks for the reply. This fails using both an ADR and when trying to download manually. Happens on every 3rd party update when trying manually. The IIS pool is started.

New to Patch MY PC and working with a customer. Few bits of config info: - WSUS on separate box, using self signed cert, allowing ConfigMgr to manage the cert, WSUS cert added to trusted certs on site server, SUP configured to use SSL and 'Require SSL'. Proxy settings added to the WSUS server and Site server. When we try to run an ADR or download manually, get Error 503. Seems to be trying to set content source as the WSUS server using HTTP on port 8530. Is this correct? Not HTTPS and 8531? The error is "DownloadContentFiles() failed with hr=0x800701f7"

Catalogue downloads fine.

Patchdownloader log attached