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Hi Moses
  You can export the DB scan to a CSV but we dont have any ways to tie in that data to asset management tools.

No Conflict, if you need us during the setup email us from and we can assist.

Hi Dom
  Yes you only install the publisher on the server that has the Software Update Point role and that is the top level server, you can find this from connecting to powershell from your CM admin console and running this ((Get-CMSoftwareUpdatePointComponent).Props | Where-Object PropertyName -eq "DefaultWSUS").Value2

You are correct, it was available but had to be removed for the time being because our detection methods for applications cannot support it after Adobe made changes to the application.  We will continue to monitor changes to the Application and hope to find a way to add back into catalog.

Hi,  Have you reviewed the following article.  Recast RCT needs to be downloaded into the local repository.  If you have the files download please submit a support case: with the following logs included to help us troubleshoot.  %PatchMyPCInstallDirectory%\PatchMyPC.log

  Yes, since you have both you will need to add addition switch or create a MST for the reader program.  If the reader isnt needed on those and they want to user the reader in phantom you could uninstall the app from their device. This is very similar to having Acrobat and the Adobe reader installed on the same device.

Hi Strauch
  Please submit in a support case to
please include the following logs/files:
Client side
This may be found in the %temp% of the user who clicked ÔÇÿInstallÔÇÖ in Software Center if it was an ÔÇÿAvailableÔÇÖ deployment.

Hi Rory, Can you submit your case to and include the following logs from your server for review

Hi Ccowart83
That error is normal when there is a newer version of a specific software that isn't in our current catalog and cant be validated, once the Patch My PC catalog has been updated with the newer software version you will not receive that error anymore. That software was updated in today's catalog, here is the explanation of the error:

Google Chrome 92.0.4515.159 (x64/x86)
Release Notes for Google Chrome 92.0.4515.159
Release Type: Ô¼ñ
CVE-2021-30598; CVE-2021-30599; CVE-2021-30600; CVE-2021-30601;
CVE-2021-30602; CVE-2021-30603; CVE-2021-30604

Hi Todd, I will send you an email to help resolve.

Hi Todd
I will email you direct to discuss this issue.

Hi jmcnair101, Currently there is no way to Integrate, export data or any plans to Integrate with Service Now in the future.

Hi Daniel
  Please submit in your PatchMyPC.log and Settings.xml for review to

Hi rhITsec
 Version 21 is a pretty old version and may be one that requires some "persuasion" or "scripting intervention" to cleanly update.  You may want to script an uninstall as a post script to see if it cleans off everything before the update or even have a post script to clean up afterwards.

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