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There are a few free download managers out there that are rather useful and I would like for them to be added as options for the users, they are rather useful with features such as spidering links, captcha completion, resuming downloads, downloading a file from multiple sources to increase speed.

Free Download Manager [FDM] (an open-source free download manager that does support things like torrents)

Xtreme Download Manager [XDM] (a free alternative to IDM)

JDownloader (a free downloader based on Java with a strong community)

No, it is all settings. I particularly want the scheduling to work so I can automate it but they never stick, any check box i hit doesn't stay like that either, sometimes it may persist until I restart the computer, other times it will disappear the moment I close the program.

Report Bugs and Issues (Free Home Updater) / Settings not persisting
« on: June 14, 2015, 08:39:31 PM »
I have tried multiple times to get settings to stay selected withing the application, an example would be minimizing to the system tray when the update process starts, or more vitally, the schedule settings disappearing once the application is closed or the computer restarts (even with the application open).
I am not sure why this is happening but it seems like a bug since I have tried hitting the save button multiple times and it seems to have no effect.

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