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My client has an interesting question: if we allow x number of deferrals which are limited to a 5 minute display and return when the app eval cycle re-runs what if the end user missed them all ?   That may sound unlikely but I guess it's in the realm of possibility and that runs the risk of having , at best, an annoyed end user.  I know we can make that indefinite but many end users will see that as something to just ignore.

I was considering maintenance windows to make this more predictable but have i missed a more creative solution ?


I'm testing Zoom updates and app creation before releasing it to production; Zoom takes a rather long command line to home it to the account and configure it which I entered in the modify command line option - however - when I use  the show package info , title, command line option it's not there.  Checking the AppEnforce log after a test only shows the PMP scriptrunner.exe /installPackage  .  These command line entries should show up under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432NODE\ZoomUMX\ but I would think that a modified command line would show up using the show package etc. option also.  Did I miss something ?

Hi All ,
Is it possible to use the dialog box presented from the "Manage Conflicting processes" options elsewhere? What I'm interested in doing is creating a user experience that's consistent even for applications that are not supported by PMP so my end users have one single branded dialog box for any update or deployment.   

Hi All ,
Would it be possible to add Beyond Trust's Privilege Management to the mix ?

Thanks ,

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