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Because this update depends on Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client, we have that update as a prerequisite for this update. Once the newer (matching) mobility client is installed, this update will show as applicable.

Yes, the existing Adobe x64 installers will fail with the error 150201. This is an issue with the installer unfortunately and there isn't much we can do about it.

You can get the app to install outside of OSD by doing the following: set the user experience option on the deployment type to "Allow users to view and interact with the program installation".

Oh wow! We actually have had a few customers with this issue and have been unable to determine a resolution. I'll pass this info on to our other customers and see if it fixes it for them as well.

Thanks so much for posting the fix!

Possibly, it is odd because we actually use cloudflare for DNS I'm pretty sure, so I believe it may be a localized issue. I'll mark this as solved for now.

Interesting, I was unable to replicate this issue.

We've found the issue and it will be fixed in our next release.


Thanks for reporting this. We've had a few customers mention these issues on the latest release, we are investigating this now. In the meantime, feel free to ignore the extra report!


We no longer pass that option by default, you can add that option to the command line by using the Modify Command Line right click option in our publisher:

No update so far. I just checked the file again and it is still not signed. I have also reached out to Google through multiple methods and have not heard back.

We currently have JDK 18, it can be found under the Oracle Java SE Development Kit Latest (MSI-x64) option in Patch My PC. More info on the "Latest" branded products here:

A new MSI of Logitune has not been released here:

We use the MSI for patching logitune and have been waiting for the download on this page to be updated.


You will want to download the version available on this page:

We list the locations for all local content downloads on this page:

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