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Tested confirmed it works

Just tested and confirmed it works

I am seeing the same thing with Java 7u11 with java 7u9 installed PMP seens its as updated, patchmypc has the correct name on the front page"Java 7u11, however it will not update it to Java 7u11, just thinks that its already updated.
thanks, also do you know by any chance how to add your program to the sonicwall default whitelist?

its a pain having to add your server IP to the whitelist on all my sonicwalls.
Just wanted to let you know in my latest patch round with Java I have noticed that patchmypc will not kill IE and sits on the Java patch until IE is closed. I do have kill programs "Kill programs that conflict with updates" check and still having the same issue.

May you please look into this?

As a temp fix, i created a batch file to run this command then start patchmypc
here is the command i used to kill IE "taskkill /f /t /im iexplore.exe"

Also a timeout feature on updates would be great as well.