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Absolutely brilliant!
Quite the timing as I just got on to check on this thread, didn't see a reply, blinked twice, you replied.

Thanks for the effort!
I just realized I had the previous version .msi on my thumbdrive, so if it is of any help; slack-standalone-
If you need an older version, I'd have to check the SCCM distribution point!
I think I actually might have that one available that we used for SCCM deployment. I'll try my best to remind myself to have a look at the office tomorrow!
Please reconsider adding Slack to the SCUP.

For further reference; https://get.slack.help/hc/en-us/articles/212475728-Deploy-Slack-via-Microsoft-Installer#msi-for-machine-wide-installation

Many thanks in advance. This could be a real dealbreaker for us.. :-(
Adobe does not publicly provide update-, nor full setup-installers. It would require an active subscription to their Creative Cloud Packager for Teams/ Enterprise solution.
Thought I'd add my input for this request..

The FortiClient offline installer can only be downloaded through the Fortinet Support website, which requires an account - which requires owning one...

Oddly enough, the whole point behind FortiClient basically comes down to managing all the endpoints through their EMS (Enterprise Management Software) which has the ability to deploy the endpoint FortiClient software automagically built in. Which pretty much is the whole point of the SCUP Catalog.

Omar, Justin, don't even bother. The OP should invest himself more into FortiClient :-)