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I didn't know where to put this question so, I thought... I'll put it in general.

So, something I asked myself is this... Is OneDrive actually needed in PatchMyPC? The reason I think that is because the updates for that program come with Windows Update... So, yeah... It already automatically updates. Or am I wrong in this?

I don't know if this is a bug or a feature request but I think it would be neat if the two buttons of "Re-scan installed apps" and the button you click to let the program start updating programs disappear in the options, uninstaller, scheduler and about menu. Since they serve no purpose there and they cause a minor visual bug since the program jumps to the apps section without showing that on the menu at the left hand side.

I think the screenshot I took explains it better then I can here in words.

Report Bugs and Issues (Free Home Updater) / not silent
« on: March 20, 2019, 10:06:59 AM »
When is updating, it doesn't happen silently. The installer pops into the foreground and shows progress and all. Thankfully you don't need to interact with it but it's strange that this is the only program that displays this behavior.

There is a Release Notes URL in the "About" of Patch My PC which leads you to this page :

Hi there

I think you totally misunderstood me. I meant if eg. CCleaner gets updated that you are somehow able to go to the change log of CCleaner.

It seems to be fixed.

Can Bulk Crap Uninstaller be added? I love this Uninstaller program.

When you use the program whille having multiple screens and you disconnect the screen that PatchMyPC is on, it becomes quite tricky to see PatchMyPC...

Even when you minimize and such.

A lot of the developers provide changelogs on their websites. Maybe it would be a neat future if when a program has an update, you can somehow go to their website or change log page to check out the update in more detail?

Hi there

I'm quite new to this and I have a question. Can this tool automatically update pc's on a network? Like the free version of this program?

For example, push out updates for Java, Flash... out to all the PC's on a network. Am I understand it correctly or what does this tool do?

Sorry for the extremely noobish question but I just ant to learn more. :)

Exactly, I tried it again... Most likely something f-ed up on the VLC side of things?

It's fixed now :)

So, I have VLC 3.0.2 and Patch My PC is saying "v3.0.3" is out. Now, I get "Install Complete - Exit Code 2" and if open VLC, I see it's still v3.0.2 and there are no new updates... What's going on here?

Can FastStone Photo Resizer be added?

Since, FastStone Photo Viewer is added as well.

This software is extremely handy for mass converting pictures to other formats, water marking, mass resizing, mass renaming... It's a very underrated tool imo.

Very very minor thingy... but it triggers my OCD like crazy.
Every software has a version number attached to it in the list, but Opera doesn't. :(

Can this be fixed?

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