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Great. Thank you!
QuoteYes unfortunately it can't be added because it's shareware.
Just to bump this topic out of curiousity. I've found Winrar being present in Patch My PC. Winrar is shareware too. What's the difference?
Just installed and tested it, this looks great, thank you very much!
The first option is almost perfect, "Disable scanning of this app" is in fact the same as "ignore this app from scanning" so almost perfect. It would be nice to still have the checkbox in red, so it's clear the app is still outdated (or another color at your choice as long as it is not green), so it can be easily found back later when somebody want's to update any time later.

The second option is almost the confuses me as it is almost the same as the current "disable auto update of this app" (or globally).
If I'm not mistaken, in a textual way it's even contradictory. If it says "don't auto check this app when outdated" and it is listed, it looks in fact as if it is checked, because it will turn right and would be listed.
I don't quite understand the difference between "don't auto check when outdated" and "disable scanning of this app". But this can also be because I'm not native English languaged.

Imho we can leave out the second option, because that is already what is happening if "disable auto update this app" (or globally) is checked.

So it might be easier to only add an option "disable scanning of this app" working they way you described (with strike trough and no listing right side), and leave the "disable auto update" as it's working now but remove the strike trhough. It has the same effect, correct? Or am I missing something then?
QuoteWe will now show the strike through for apps where auto update was disabled at the app level even if the global setting for "Disable Silent Install Of Apps" is enabled.
I will have a look at it, thank you, however, this could work confusing for other users, because a strike through would rather give an impression of "ignore from scan" then "do not auto update".

I'm mostly interested in a real ignore option which takes care of not displaying the skipped app on the right (or put it at the bottom).

But thank you for the adjustments so far!
I'm sure you're correct. It's just very odd that Mozilla Firefox does this correctly and also well known developers like Malware Bytes and Teamspeak don't do this the correct way or don't delete the old version (in case of MSI CPUID Z).

Anyway, glad this is resolved, I now know how to fix this. Thank you!
QuoteAs for the fix: There is still an issue which we need to investigate since I don't have any double entry's in the uninstaller.
Due to your comment in the other thread I found the problem cause.
Windows is not stating the correct version of these mentioned programs to the uninstaller section. See other thread.
QuoteYou can check the uninstall tab in Patch My PC for the version entry the application currently had in add and remove programs.
I think we found the issue in my system.

I used Teamspeak client as test and I just had a look in the uninstall tab of PMP and the one from Windows. In both PMP and Windows uninstaller, Teamspeak client is stated as version 3.1.7.
However when I open TS client, it is already updated to version 3.1.8.
Same goes for OBS and the others mentioned as far as I could see.

It looks that for some reason, several applications are not sending the version numbers in a correct way to the Windows uninstaller.

I did not have this version issue with Secunia, so they might have used another way to check applications.

Do you know by any chance a way to fix this? Because this is clearly a Windows issue, not a PMP issue.
QuoteDon't scan apps the have been skipped. If that option in checked, we won't list it on the right or list the any coloring on the left. Does that sounds like what you are looking for?
It's just an idea, it's also alright to list those on the right on the bottom of the list. The main idea is that it does not catch the eye immediately every time, because it's set as ignored. So your solution would make me happy also.

QuoteWhat is probably happening is you have multiple entries of the application in the registry / Uninstall Programs.
Nope I don't. I always uninstall programs better then normal because I'm using the Your Uninstaller application. Just to be sure I doublechecked the way you said but those program's are only mentioned once in the uninstaller. So there is something wrong somewhere.

QuoteSo you are looking for us to add another context option per app to disable silent updating per app right? You can already skip auto-updates(Checking) per app? This is actually an item we wanted to look at for V4, but didn't have the cycles to implement by release date.
No I'm not looking for that, but that might be an interesting option for other users. The reason I put this idea was to be (out of a point of programming) making it easier to make the split option mentioned after that, which you say that would make sense.
Splitting the option makes it easier for you, the programmer, to create seperate selectable options for now and/or in the future, correct?

QuoteWhat we will do is likely add an addtional option in the options panel that say's something like. Don't Scan Skipped Apps. If that option in checked, we won't list it on the right or list the any coloring on the left. Does that sounds like what you are looking for?
That's also an option, would be fine too if it could be done that way.

QuoteNot sure i'm following this? Red apps should show first in the top of the right textbox.
I was a bit unclear about this I guess. They indeed show first in top of the right textbox, so far nothing wrong. This comment was depending on the working of the disabling auto update. So not updated programs (which are not set to ignore) to always keep this like it is now on top, so also when auto update and/or silint update is disabled.
This was because you first said the "ignore" option is the same as the "disable auto update" option. If you would don't put those ignored programs in the right anymore as by your idea, then if I globally would disable auto updates, nothing would appear on the right anymore. Hence the suggestion to split those. Maybe it's more clear what I ment.
But if you can do it another way like you stated it's fine by me too.

To summarize: The idea about how you want to split the ignored apps is fine with me too, as long as for not ignored apps things but with disabled global auto update, things will keep working as they do now (except for ignored apps).
As for the fix: There is still an issue which we need to investigate since I don't have any double entry's in the uninstaller.
I understand the crossline now, but that is not a big issue. The issue is that if ignored, it should not be listed to the right, but I do understand now why you do that.
I have set both auto updating and silent updating set to disabled.

QuoteAs far as the outdated listing on the right that is expected even if the app isn't set to auto update we still want to list it out to let you know it's outdated
Oke but the issue is that they are -not- outdated anymore. I updated them manually. So after a rescan or restart, they should be shown in green at least.

QuoteWith that said, we are open to feedback on this feature and how you would like to see it work.
I appreciate that. I would like to see it working a bit more like PSI does. I will try to explain.

There are more people like me who don't want or trust programs like PSI and this, to update their applications automatically for several reasons and want to do it manually or partly manually. Hence disabling auto and silent updating.

The way I like to see it work is like this:
- Split the option between auto updating and ignoring some program, so it's possible to disable global (and silent) auto update but the program's are still checked.
- When the split is done, people can select separate program's to ignore from scanning, which is not possible now because they are greyed out when global update is disabled
- When a program is marked for ignore from scan, place that program in red as you do know, but to the end of the list on the right, and it's possible because it's stand alone now, to put a crossline throught it to make clear it's set to ignore. The cross line is not a big thing though. Putting it to the end of the list is already very nice.
- Keep programs listed in red on top of the list to the right, which are not updated yet.

Benefit of this is that the user can totally create his own way of updating. Either automatically and/or silently, or manually or partly manually and isn't confronted with an application in red every time which he doesn't want to update anyway (ignored from update). But which can be updated at any point if they change their mind, by scrolling to the end of the list on the right side, where it still is present in the red color.
This way you also create a different between programs which should be ignored, and programs which should be update, but maybe are choosen to be update later.
And users who want to manually update their programs, can check this way if the programs in red at the top of the list disappear (so turn in green at their alphabetical position in the list like the rest) because their manual upgrade was done correctly.

Please fix the fact that if program's are update manually or via the program itself, they really are rechecked and turned green on the right, if they are updated. This is a bug. At this moment they still are in red as you can see from my screenshot.
Because for example it says I'm using OBS Studio 20.1.3 while I'm in the meantime already using version 21.0.1.
I also updated Malware Bytes to a newer version and others mentioned there, but this is not detected by the program, neither when doing a rescan.

Edit: As for the fix, I just update my Mozilla again and seen that PMP does detect this update.
But it does not detect the updates I made for:
Malwarebytes versie  -
OBS Studio  -  20.1.3
TeamSpeak 3 Client  -  3.1.7
and those are all already at newer versions at the moment.
Just to be sure I put a screenshot here.

I can't see a cross line.
Winrar should be ignored from the check, but as you can see (arrow) in the right side screen, it's still included in the check.

Next to that (other arrow) other programs which are already upgraded like Malware Bytes and Teamviewer, still show older versions in the check (like I mentioned in the other thread).

QuoteThe cross line will also be a visual element letting you know auto update is disabled for the app.
Which cross line? I don't see any cross line. Next to that, the app is not ignored from the check.

But maybe there is a bug. Did you read my message I posted in the general section about it? Maybe the issues have something to do with each other?
Thank you for your answer.
You can't know but I'm a very experienced pc user so I tried this, but those options are blanked out. Probably because I already globally disabled auto updating in the config.
The only available options are:
- enable auto updating of this app
- add as auto-install in PatchMyPC.ini
- open description webpage
the others are blanked out.

Also, as you might know, disabling auto updating is something completely different as ignoring from a check. :)

I'm working on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.
I don't know if this is a bug or not, so I just ask here to be sure. Please move the thread if this is the wrong section.

So I started using Patch My PC since a couple of days. It's very fast and nice, so far so good. I'm missing something, which I already posted in the request section.

However, I've got an issue with the program.
I don't like any program to patch my software. If possible I want to let the applications itself do it and use PMP only for notifications about what outdated. This can be setup, no problem there.
So I did a scan and several program's were found outdated, like Teamviewer, Malware Bytes, Teamspeak Client and a couple of others.

I started Teamviewer and upgraded from within Teamviewer itself like I always do. Same goes for the other applications mentioned. So far so good.
However, when using the Re-Scan installed apps, they are still presented the same way, as being outdated with the old version number, while in fact they are updated, having the new version number.

At first I thought it might be some cache so I waited a day, but today the same programs are being incorrectly presented as outdated.

So it seems the scan option does not see that things are updated? Is it the program or am I doing something wrong?

FYI: I'm having the language option set to Dutch, but several program's I still use in the English language. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, however, Malware Bytes is in Dutch and is also outdated according to PMP.

How can this be fixed? Or is this a bug?
I don't know if it's requested yet.
But a "skip program from check" option would be nice.

I've got a couple of older program's which will not be updated anymore, for various reasons (for example, don't want to pay again for them, or upgrade is too expensive or other reasons).
At this moment, these older programs/apps will still occur in the list as being not up to date.

But it would be very nice if one could also set program's/apps to be ignored from the check.