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Patch my pc downloads the exe and starts it, "Some ad pops up from iObit and you have to click next" then patch my pc deletes it before it can complete.
Maybe this only happens on upgrading an install.
I had to check "Don't Delete App Installer Files" and update again for it to work correctly.
After the recent update it shows I have the brave browser installed, however I only have a game installed called Braveland.
Braveland game is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Braveland


Several of the wise products like the cleaner, registry, uninstaller and care; have portable versions listed on the makers page.
Below each download link there is "Portable Version" of a zip file.
Maybe those could be added please?


Is it possible to show the most recent Anti-Exploit version even though the stand alone Anti-Exploit will forever be called "Beta" because they want you to buy the full version of Anti-Malware or something to that statement?