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FreeOffice 2018 (SoftMaker)

Started by TairikuOkami, April 28, 2019, 11:09:36 AM

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Would you kindly consider adding FreeOffice? It is more MO compatible than WPS.

Besides, WPS Office 2019 has added even more ads and telemetry in their latest version.


Hi, I haven't used either one, can someone tell me about WPS so I can figure out which is better.


Hi, I get it for you, Microsoft Office is also a pretty awkward platform for me. So once I was looking for an alternative and came across WPS Office, it's essentially the same as Microsoft Office, but much more convenient and has a lot of features. Since WPS is fully compatible with the standard Office, you should have no problem learning it and working with the files created in the regular Office. So this program is a great alternative that I highly recommend.