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Cisco WebEx Meeting Hash Error

Started by SirBlizZ, March 24, 2021, 02:25:03 AM

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Hi Guys,
thanks for the awesome work. There is a WebEX Hash Error for version during download.

Thank you very much :)


Might be bad metadata?  We're now seeing two instances of supposed, but the download for the newer one appears to actually be the installer for

  • Catalog from the 17th (120.62MB, msi signed on the 11th, MD5 = 379C9A822C918F0D3E681A7689E40413, SHA256 = 5631F17F4155FFA81AA43F71F5927D090D0CDEBB7676CEAC3AB8D7B16121F925 )
  • Catalog from the 23rd - we have not published this one yet, but downloading from the link associated with it gets a different msi file (120.58MB, msi signed on the 19th, MD5 = 6A5C6930275DEDF9809A732DC3D1B45F, SHA256 = 198FE4E80F3F4760B0C1DC127A3399FCE08389E906690F82B33C79A96E34CD93, and internal properties say it's )

Newer one is marked as superseding the one from the 17th/11th.

Cisco's site lists the release from the 19th as version 41.3.5, not 41.3.4.


Thanks. Cisco WebEx is now downloading fine. :)