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OBS Studio 29.1.2 update failed

Started by TJ, June 12, 2023, 08:36:58 AM

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The update failed with the following error code: 0x87D00669
Just tested the Visual Studio Code update, this installed perfectly.

Starting ScriptRunner (V2.1.14.0) with 3 argument(s)
Current culture info name is: nl-BE
Running as NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM (Admin)
Working directory: C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download\Install
System path is C:\WINDOWS\System32
Argument #1 is: /MainFile=OBS-Studio-29.1.2-Full-Installer-x64.exe
Inspects argument: mainfile=obs-studio-29.1.2-full-installer-x64.exe
MainFile is: OBS-Studio-29.1.2-Full-Installer-x64.exe
Argument #2 is: /MainArg=/S
Inspects argument: mainarg=/s
MainArg is: /S
Argument #3 is: /ShortcutFileName=OBS Studio
Inspects argument: shortcutfilename=obs studio
ShortcutFileName is: OBS Studio
Update installation mode requested.
Looking if update installation process need to be aborted due to running process
No need to abort due to the running processes
Running update file: OBS-Studio-29.1.2-Full-Installer-x64.exe with arguments: /S
Update file has run, exit code is: 6
Running update file: OBS-Studio-29.1.2-Full-Installer-x64.exe with arguments: /S finished with Elapsed Time: 00 minutes 00 seconds 787 milliseconds
Searching for shortcuts in public profile desktop
5 shortcuts in public profile desktop
List of shortcuts found: [Adobe Acrobat.lnk],[Adobe Creative Cloud.lnk],[Logi Options+.lnk],[Network Tool.lnk],[TeamViewerQS.lnk]
No shortcut has been deleted in public profile desktop
End of Script Runner. Exit code is: 6

Going to search using WSUS update source.
Synchronous searching of all updates started...
Successfully completed synchronous searching of updates.
1. Update: 7ca5d022-9ac1-4743-ba74-f25b79808047, 1   BundledUpdates: 0
1. Update (Missing): OBS Studio 29.1.2 (x64) (7ca5d022-9ac1-4743-ba74-f25b79808047, 1)
Async installation of updates started.
Update 1 (7ca5d022-9ac1-4743-ba74-f25b79808047) finished installing (0x80070643), Reboot Required? No
Async install completed.
Installation job encountered some failures. Job Result = 0x80240022.
Installation of updates completed.

Spencer (Patch My PC)

Hey TJ,

Thanks for reaching out to support! For OBS you'll need to enable Manage Conflicting Processes since the installation is failing due to a conflicting process on that client.

More information on how to configure that setting can be found here: https://patchmypc.com/manage-conflicting-processes-when-updating-third-party-applications

If you're making that change an already published update, then you'll need to republish that package for that change to be applied:


If you have further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach back out! 😊