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Error with SUP sync triggered by publishing - generic failure

Started by FabianR, April 30, 2020, 05:25:40 AM

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We use Patch My PC together with SCCM. WSUS and SUP together are on a seperate VM.
When a new update is published, the SUP sync can't be triggered automatically. This is what the Patch My PC log says:

<![LOG[Triggering a SUP synchronization]LOG]!><time="13:03:29.362+000" date="04-30-2020" component="SccmHelper" context="" type="1" thread="6" file="">
<![LOG[An error occurred while triggering a SUP synchronization: Generic failure  [-1]]LOG]!><time="13:03:29.377+000" date="04-30-2020" component="SccmHelper" context="" type="3" thread="6" file="">
<![LOG[Failed to triggered a SUP sync]LOG]!><time="13:03:29.377+000" date="04-30-2020" component="ConfigMgrSUPSyncLauncher" context="" type="3" thread="6" file="">

Starting a manual sync in SCCM works fine.

Thanks for the help,

Wes Mitchell

Does the account you are using have the proper permissions within your CM console to trigger a SUP sync? The account you use (default is the computer account) when configuring the SMS provider connection in the sync schedule tab would also need full permissions for software updates in SCCM.  If you imported that custom security role from the link:
, make sure to add software updates to that roleÔÇÖs permissions as well.  It will need that to trigger a SUP sync.



After I added the permission for software updates to the role as you pointed out (we use the computer account), the sync can now be triggered.
Thanks for the fast help!