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I found out GIMP using some Cipher Suites, which were not enabled on our Server.
After enabling and reboot the download works.

Thanks for the help!
We were able to get the download for Wireshark working with a Firewall exception.
But GIMP still cannot be downloaded.
I will check the active cipher suites on the server.
I cannot check the firewall but I will ask a colleague from the network department.
The problem only occurs with Gimp and Wireshark.

Here are the result from the CSV file:
The Wireshark developer community,Wireshark (x64),2.na.dl.wireshark.org,Https,443,binary download,999
The GIMP Team,Gimp,download.gimp.org,Https,443,binary download,999

Good Morning!
Yes the error still happens with this two software products.
I tried as you mentioned and I get this error (attachment) for both.
Do you think it's a missconfiguration on our side?
We have the same error on two updates: Gimp and Wireshark.
If I copy the download URL and paste it in Edge I am able to download normally.
I guess it is different when downloading with PmPC and Edge?
I am so sorry for my late answer, but I can confirm the key is right now.
Thank you!
 :) WOW that was fast!
Thank you I will report back on Monday.
I have set the option "Disable self-updater" for Snagit 2023.
The right key for this at version 2023 is: "HKLM\SOFTWARE\TechSmith\SnagIt\23" Dword NoAutoUpdateSupport Value 1
But after the update from PMPC the same key is set under HKLM\SOFTWARE\TechSmith\SnagIt\22
The item unter 23 is gone, so notifications for update pop up.
Could you check the behavior and fix it please?
All fixed with the latest GIMP update.
Sorry for the late reply!
I only want to confirm, the implementation works!

Fixed by selecting the second Patch My PC category ind Products (MEMCM - Sites - Software Update Point) (Thanks Scott!).
This happens, because we inplace-upgraded our site server OS to Server 2019.
Yesterday I added the updates for Snagit 20 and Wireshark in the PmPC Publisher.
After running the sync in the PmPC Publisher I saw the updates in the log file and got the Teams notifications as well.
But after syncing the updates in the MEMCM console many times, the updates are not available under "All Software Updates".
This happens only to new ticked updates.

Any ideas what could be the problem?
Publisher Service is version - MEMCM 2111

Thank you!