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I have set the option "Disable self-updater" for Snagit 2023.
The right key for this at version 2023 is: "HKLM\SOFTWARE\TechSmith\SnagIt\23" Dword NoAutoUpdateSupport Value 1
But after the update from PMPC the same key is set under HKLM\SOFTWARE\TechSmith\SnagIt\22
The item unter 23 is gone, so notifications for update pop up.
Could you check the behavior and fix it please?
Yesterday I added the updates for Snagit 20 and Wireshark in the PmPC Publisher.
After running the sync in the PmPC Publisher I saw the updates in the log file and got the Teams notifications as well.
But after syncing the updates in the MEMCM console many times, the updates are not available under "All Software Updates".
This happens only to new ticked updates.

Any ideas what could be the problem?
Publisher Service is version - MEMCM 2111

Thank you!
I have a question about the Local Content Repository Feature.
TeamViewer has now a 64-bit client for the full version.
Right now we have clients with installed 32-bit TeamViewer full versions and 64-bit teamviewer full version.
To update I have to copy the MSI files to my defined "Local Content Path".
But the 32-bit and 64-bit TeamViewer full version file name is the same!
So is it possible to create a folder in the "Local Content Path" folder and will PmPC search in subfolder?

Microsoft just released a new version 14.30.30704.0 (2015-2022).
So will you implement the new version please?

Also I have created the application for the new version in MEMCM.
It seems the preferred detection method is "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\VisualStudio\14.0\VC\Runtimes\X64" -Value "Bld"

The value is to risky for me so I looked for another Value and found that:
"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DevDiv\vc\Servicing\14.0\RuntimeMinimum" -Value "Version"

Maybe this helps.
If an old version (2.8.16) of GIMP is open during the update of 2.10.24 there is a restart required.
The update will be installed successfully but closing the old version takes a few minutes.
Also in the installation location there are the old gimp-2.8.exe beneath the new gimp-2.10.exe .
As well opening the new version after the update is not possible and pops up an error message.

After restarting the device, GIMP is working again, but the old version exe still exist (this is not a PmPC fault, I guess).
Closing GIMP before the update, will not keep the old gimp-2.8.exe.

Is it possible to optimize the installation for GIMP?
To disable the Auto Update for Snagit 202X there is a simple registry key.


This can be found in the official Snagit guide.

Is it possible to implement this and enable the button "Disable self-updater"?
We checked the Adobe Acrobat Reader 2020 Classic in the "Updates" Tab.
But after running the sync no update was downloaded.
I used the button "Show package info: title, command-line- download URL, etc." and the window is empty.
Seems to be not fully implemented.

Could somebody from Patch-My-PC check, please?
There is a error when we try to update the Paint.Net (attachment paintnet.jpg)
The MSI logfile contains the error 'Product: paint.net -- To install this product, use the setup wizard.' (attachment paintnet2.jpg)

I can remember, this happens when the downloaded EXE file was extracted with 7zip and try to use the MSI file for install.

To get the "true" MSI files they have to be generated with this command:
paint.net.4.2.12.install.exe /createMsi

A folder within the MSI files will be placed on the desktop.
The installation works as indeed yet.

If the Paint.Net is open while the update runs the installation finished successfully with return code 1 - pending reboot (attachment paintnet3.jpg)

Please could this get fixed?