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Despite the vendor's post about the previous version being final, they still posted a newer version from the publicly accessible URL we have configured to pull from:


Within the package details menu (right-click show package info...), you should see the catalog pointed to the URL above.

Can you attempt to run another sync and see if the new version is published successfully? If it does not publish, please submit a support case and send in the log export from your PMPC Publisher install, and we can dive into the logs to see what issue may be occurring.

The Publisher does not have any direct connectivity with endpoints to auto-enable software update content in the catalog. You would need to use the auto-publishing rules within the Hardware Inventory Scan Utility to accomplish this:


Regardless, that particular software still requires a manual download of the latest version be placed in your Local Content Repository for it to be created, which is the warning you are currently seeing.
Hello Jimmy,

This indicates that you still have that software-enabled/checked within the PMPC Publisher and is unrelated to what is installed on your endpoints.

You will want to uncheck that software catalog entry if you wish to stop the Publisher from attempting to create/update the content and notify you that the local content repository file is out-of-date.
Hey Aaron,

I believe we got this all sorted out during our call today (12/4/23). Let us know if you have any questions down the line.
Can you attempt to manually install the latest .NET Framework ver. manually (online or offline installer) and see if it allows you to do so. The error shown is typical with .NET being corrupted in some way.

This issue should be resolved now, following the catalog update today and your next PMPC Publisher Sync. Microsoft released a new version the day after our last catalog update for PowerBI Desktop. We were unable to get the latest version (2.116.884) into the catalog until today.