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Has anyone seen the following (or similar) install failures for Python 3.11 (x64)?
App installation failed
29/11/2023 11:03:52 am
Error code: 0x80070659

The app was installing fine on a number of test devices, but is now failing on OOBE devices, both as forced install as well as optional. 
The Intune logs are very vague (as is the error code), just saying there is a configuration policy blocking it - however the policies are the same across all the devices.
One test device I had the install just work after a few reboots.


For whatever strange reason the creators of DB Browser for SQL lite made the option of creating a start menu/program menu shortcut optional (off) by default - unlike 99% of all other Windows apps.
Can we get the default install behavior for this app to have it turned on?
Should just be a simple addition to the command line: SHORTCUT_SQLITE_PROGRAMMENU=1

Hi All,
Am having some issues with the internal updater in VSCode being 'on' by default when the app is pushed out via PMPC.
VSCode will initially deploy just fine, but the internal updater will attempt to update as soon as there is a new version and breaks the install.

Any chance we could get the internal updates setting turned off by default for VSCode deploys?

MEM Intune/Azure Environment here.
Every second PC or so seems to be getting this error when trying to install Oracle Java 8 JRE 8.0.3710.11 (x64).  Just occurred on a freshly imaged and deployed device, but the previous device has no issues.
Both devices have the same basic staff profile, Microsoft Surface devices running Windows 10 22H2 Enterprise.