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Regarding the app Remote Desktop Manger in Company Portal. A new version were released yesterday, it requires .net runtime installed. I had to install that manually from microsoft. During that install, Remote Desktop Manger were uninstalled  So it's a bit buggy. Can You fix process?
Lenovo Dock Manager (x64): Almost 50% devices get "Error unzipping downloaded content. (0x87D30067)" for Lenovo Dock Manager.

Most of the devices (all enrolled into Intune with PMPC) are stuck on version Google Chrome 116.0.5845.188, and not update to the latest.
Has anyone noticed the same?

I haven't changed anything in the patchmypc configuration for months, and for some time now old and new versions of the program appear in Company Portal. Interestingly, not all programs. What happened, I do not know, do you know how to fix it?

I have a very large number of computers, and noteapd++ actualization is going well, but today I checked what versions are on the computers and I was left with version which did not pick up the latest version at all. From what I understand, if someone has version then notepad++ will not update for him, you had to update manually.
Recently I noticed that there are new dell apps, can someone point out the documentation of these programs?
From one of our employee:
"With Windows or other programs the distribution may not cause problems, however Firefox is my mainly used browser. With every forced update so far, it no longer works and has to be restarted during my work. Otherwise nothing works anymore, no loading of new pages, no old pages refreshing, nothing. This is absolutely not practicable. I think it's not without reason why the native updates only works after a restart, I don't understand why you've to make the process like that.
Since not only I, but also some other colleagues use Firefox heavily, it would be advisable to urgently adapt the update process in Firefox. Maybe it would be possible to roll out the updates at night."

I'm looking for DWG/DWF-files viewer on PatchMyPc, any suggestions/?
On all PCs:
Package installation failed, contact the software vendor (0x80073CF9)
I have deployed Sourcetree (MSI) but on none of the computers, the update occurred, as if the program did not detect any version on the computer. And we have quite a few of these in the company.
What the Dell Command Update configuration should look like. Im distributing  Dell Command Update to all PC, but i want to enable trigger that will update PC constantly.

I distribute pyhon through the company portal/intune thanks to patchmypc. But when someone wants to delete the app, this is not possible, it can only be reinstalled in the company portal, and in the program and functions it is not visible that this app exists.

Dell Command Update NOT automatically update PCs, as Lenovo System Update is doing.

Do you know any trigger/switches that need to be added during installtion of software, to forced "Dell Command Update" to update PCs? as it is now user get questions if they want to update dell computers, every two weeks.

Dell Command Update 4.4.0
Does PatchMyPC offer a service to update only the EOS application? Let me give you an example, I have python on several computers, and each of the computers have different versions of python. As example: I know that only two computers have EOS python. Is it possible to set an additional rule in PatchMyPC to check to update only those versions that are lower than supported?

End of Service/Support = EOS
Can anyone tell me what is actually being updated via the "Update for Microsoft .NET Core Runtime and Hosting Bundle" I have uploaded the update, but according to Windows Defender the ATP PCs are still out of date, so what has actually been updated?
Lenovo Dock manager update fail from to via intune:

App installation failed
7/19/2021 6:12:33 AM
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Error code: 0x87D30067
Error unzipping downloaded content.


Error code: 0x80070002
The system cannot find the file specified
on many devices.
Company portal not recognised that MS visual Studio Code is already installed.

From Intune:

Update for Microsoft Visual Studio Code 1.57.1 (x64) - Installation details
Error code: 0x0

Log from PC:
06/09/2021 14:47:55~[Microsoft Visual Studio Code  1.56.2]~[Found:False]~[Purpose:Detection]~[Context:XXXX$)]~[Hive:HKLM:\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\uninstall\*]
06/09/2021 14:47:57~[Microsoft Visual Studio Code  1.56.2]~[Found:False]~[Purpose:Requirement]~[Context:XXXX$)]~[Hive:HKLM:\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\uninstall\*]

Log from PC:
[Win32App] ExecManager: processing targeted app (name='Update for Microsoft Visual Studio Code 1.57.1 (x64)', id='4b1b86c8-2985-46b6-bbfa-6cfc2522446a') with intent=3, appApplicabilityStateDueToAssginmentFilters= for user session 3   IntuneManagementExtension   7/6/2021 7:49:45 AM   8 (0x0008)
[Win32App] ProcessAppWithDependencies starts for 4b1b86c8-2985-46b6-bbfa-6cfc2522446a with name Update for Microsoft Visual Studio Code 1.57.1 (x64)   IntuneManagementExtension   7/6/2021 7:49:45 AM   8 (0x0008)
[Win32App] This is a standalone app, id = 4b1b86c8-2985-46b6-bbfa-6cfc2522446a, name = Update for Microsoft Visual Studio Code 1.57.1 (x64)   IntuneManagementExtension   7/6/2021 7:49:45 AM   8 (0x0008)
---->>[Win32App] Processing app (id=4b1b86c8-2985-46b6-bbfa-6cfc2522446a, name = Update for Microsoft Visual Studio Code 1.57.1 (x64)) with mode = DetectInstall   IntuneManagementExtension   7/6/2021 7:49:45 AM   8 (0x0008)
----[Win32App] app with name = Update for Microsoft Visual Studio Code 1.57.1 (x64) dependency detect only is False   IntuneManagementExtension   7/6/2021 7:49:45 AM   8 (0x0008)

I distributed  Dell Command Update 4.2.1 on Dell Laptops via Intune, and from all i get 0x80070004 Error
Impossible to remove groups via PatchMyPC from Intune, only I can add new groups to existing apps. Its normal?