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We are migrating our ConfigMgr Site Server (where PMPC is installed) to a new server and decommisioning the current one. Is there a recommended method for this? Is it possible to migrate the PMPC install with it's settings or do we need to do a fresh install? If doing a fresh install will it recognise exisitng applications and updates in SCCM/Intune?

Many thanks.
Good afternoon,

I have a non-PMPC application that had Adobe Reader and Edge WebView2 as dependencies.
If I add the latest versions of theses apps as dependencies to my app and I tick the box in the PMPC Publiching Service Intune Apps Options to "Update application dependencies..." will it update the dependency on my non-PMPC app?

I hope that makes sense. THanks  :)
Hello :)
mRemoteNG has disappeared from the list of apps. Looks like it happened a while ago but we only just noticed! Is this a permanent thing?
We are on the journey from SCCM is king managing all to Intune taking over some responsibilities. We are currently in a mixed scenario where updates are coming from Intune but apps are still coming from SCCM.

As I understand it, PMPC works differently on the two platforms.
SCCM - installs are 'applications' and updates are 'software updates'.
Intune - both installs and updates are 'applications'

Now that SCCM is not doing software updates and Intune is not doing app installs, no third party apps are being updated.

Is there a known workaround for this? The only thing I can think is to create dynamic collections in SCCM for every third party app and deploy the PMPC applications as required so the new versions get pushed out as required. (A. Lot. Of. Work!!!)

Thanks :)
We've been happily using PMPC with SCCM for a few years but are now starting to move in to the wonderful world of Intune.
Application installs and updates work well in SCCM but are confusing me in Intune! They both seem to be doing the same thing. I assigned a set of updates to a test group and where the application was installed it got updated, but where the application was not installed, it got installed... This isn't the behaviour I was expecting!
For standard applications that everyone has this will be fine, but how do we update the random little applications that only a few people have? This works so well in SCCM.
Hi there,
I have noticed some 1622 erros when trying to install 7Zip from the Software Center. Investigating it I have found the issue. When looking in the CCMCache the Package.xml refers to an E: drive, as below...

<CommandLine>/MainFile=7z1900-x64.msi├┐"/MainArg=ALLUSERS=1 MSIRMSHUTDOWN=2 REBOOT=ReallySuppress"├┐/SkipProcessList=7zFM.exe|7zG.exe|7z.exe├┐/ShortcutFileName=7-Zip├┐"/LoggingSwitch=/l {path}"├┐/PrefixInstallLog├┐/LoggingPath=E:\PatchMyPCInstallLogs</CommandLine>

If I change it to C: and run 'PatchMyPC-ScriptRunner.exe /InstallPackage' from an elevated command prompt it installs fine with no issues.
So I checked the source and it is C:. I'm confused, was this a mistake that was fixed or is something else going on here? I have redistributed the application and it now works!

Well this is proving to be a pain in the bum! We use Umbrella Roaming Client for internet proxy. This has all be fine until we have found ourselve with a 'bad version', namely 2.3.31.
Cisco claim that 2.3.31 would have only automatically updated if we were on "a 'staged' program" which we are not and that we must have installed it ourselves through PMPC/SCCM. Am I right in thinking that PMPC only downloads public releases of software? Meaning that Cisco must have released 2.3.31 in to the wild at some point. (It has since been shelved and 2.2.580 is now the current version!).
THanks :)
Hello everyone  :)
We are having an issue with Webex Teams. Each time it updates the previous version is left behind (still showing in Programs & Features). It only ever shows two, the current and the last one.
I'm not sure if this is a Patch My PC issue, or Cisco/Webex, or our environment. Has anyone else seen this behaviour?
Thank you  :)

Edit: This doesn't seem to effect the functionality of the application in any way.