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Plantronics HUB Exe

Started by gsterling, June 05, 2024, 06:06:23 AM

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More of an observation than a question. But I noticed in my PMyPC console that Plantronics Hub EXE has a manual download icon next to it, but it looks like it is getting downloaded and updated on its own.

Dan Gough

Thankyou for pointing this out, we'll revert this change - it was only supposed to be applied to the .MSI variants.

FYI they have stopped serving up the latest MSI packages on these URLs:


Those versions are now out of date (3.25.54065.37203) whereas the EXE version is 3.25.54307.37251:


According to this forum post, they are now expecting customers to get the latest MSIs from the portal:

However both the links posted there, as well as the URLs that the built-in auto updater grabs from the API, point to .zip files, which Patch My PC doesn't yet support extraction of, hence the requirement for the local content repo!