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how to download an old version of a software - Supersedence need

Started by jcortijo, June 03, 2024, 04:47:50 AM

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I need to supersedence a version app that is not listed when I click on the "Add" button.
Is there a way to force PMPC to download certain specific old versions of software?
More concretely, I need to get into SCCM the splunk universal forwarder 9.0.6 so I can supersedence it. (see attachment)

Many thanks

Scott (Patch My PC)

Hey jcortijo

Patch My PCs catalogue only contains the latest release of the products we support, there is no option to publish a previous version.

If you have access to the previous versions installer, you could use our custom apps feature to package it, https://docs.patchmypc.com/patch-my-pc-cloud/custom-apps