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We'll rerelease 3.8.8 with a fixed detection and applicability, it will supersede the existing 3.8.8 that you have published. I checked 3.9 as well and it is already good and will only upgrade existing 3.9 installs. The fixed 3.8.8 should be in today's catalog update, I'm just finishing testing on it.

I've located the issue, we'll have the rules fixed in a catalog release later this week. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


This is not the intended behavior, we'll check it out.

How long ago was this app created? We actually fixed this issue in a recent publisher release but the app would need to be deleted and recreated in Intune. Could you try to do that and let me know if the recreated app is able to detect right?


Is this in Intune or ConfigMgr or WSUS/ConfigMgr Updates? The issue here is that is not a valid version string, but I think we can work around it.

Hi Dominik,

We are actually testing every app in our catalog over the next week. I'll take a look at this one and make sure it is installing correctly and let you know.

I believe you will see the Scheduled Task if you run Task Scheduler as Admin. The task may not be visible to a non-Admin User. The task that Patch My PC creates does indeed run as SYSTEM.

Interesting. In C:\Windows\Temp there should be a log for PatchMyPC-Detection, can you check that log and see if the detection script ran and found anything? It also might be helpful to check PatchMyPC-Scriptrunner in the ccm\logs folder.

If you'd like, you can also submit a case and attach the log files here:


This is a common issue because we use PowerShell scripts as our detection method. Can you please try the fixes documented here: and let me know if they help?

Yeah, it seems like the installer is generating some sort of "advertisement" shortcut for users instead of just a shortcut to the install.

Hi there, I think we have determined that PowerToys is actually just making a bad shortcut in the start menu.
We've tested this a bit, but before we make this the standard for this app, could we get a few testers to use this as a post-install script for this app and confirm it fixes the problem?

$PowerToys = "{0}\PowerToys\PowerToys.exe" -f $env:ProgramFiles
$ShortCut = "{0}\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\PowerToys (Preview).lnk" -f $env:ProgramData

if (Test-Path $PowerToys) {
    if (Test-Path $ShortCut) {
        Remove-Item $ShortCut -ErrorAction "Stop"
    $shell = New-Object -ComObject WScript.Shell -ErrorAction "Stop"
    $shortcut = $shell.CreateShortcut($ShortCut)
    $shortcut.TargetPath = $PowerToys

We will typically post a notification in our release notes, although we didn't do that for this release. We are discussing internally the best way to notify customers for these types of things without becoming too spammy... The last thing we want to do is give our customers notification fatigue.

You are welcome! Sorry for any issues that this may have caused!

When we first released the umbrella client, we were unaware that they provided pre-release versions on their site as well as production versions. We have since moved to only releasing the production versions that they provide on their site, so the version we have in the catalog today is 2.2.580.

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