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Adobe provides the full installer for 20.009.20063, not for 20.009.20067. We only provide the full installer as a configmgr app at this time, with the assumption that it will be updated by the msp update through our service.

Awesome, we'll get the command line added to the default install string in a future catalog release (next week most likely)

There is a error when we try to update the Paint.Net (attachment paintnet.jpg)
The MSI logfile contains the error 'Product: -- To install this product, use the setup wizard.' (attachment paintnet2.jpg)

I can remember, this happens when the downloaded EXE file was extracted with 7zip and try to use the MSI file for install.

To get the "true" MSI files they have to be generated with this command:
Code: [Select] /createMsi
A folder within the MSI files will be placed on the desktop.
The installation works as indeed yet.

If the Paint.Net is open while the update runs the installation finished successfully with return code 1 - pending reboot (attachment paintnet3.jpg)

Please could this get fixed?

Could you please try adding the following to the command line via right click options:

I think this will solve the issue, and if it does we can update the definition. Thank you!

Ahh, so this is a double edged sword... If we use the /createMSI flag, the digital signature of the msi is broken and SCUP will flag it...

We'll work on getting this sorted.

Would you be able to submit a support request for this I think we could solve it pretty quickly via a remote session. Please put that you are requesting a remote session with Andrew for this. Thanks!

We should have this updated in tomorrow's catalog update. Thanks!

Were the applicability rules for that update causing issues?

You can actually modify them through Updates Publisher:
I'd probably advise against it though :)

You are still free to download and install the Publisher to use the Publishing Wizard.
Otherwise, you can import your catalog into Updates Publisher to view the applicability rules for an update. (I've attached the latest Jabber applicability rule)


There are a lot of options in this space.
The way many companies are taking care of this nowadays is to set up a CMG and distribute the update content to the CMG.
There is a great Technet article here:
Windows Update for Business will work with 3rd party patches as well, please see here:

This should have actually been fixed by Microsoft with KB4557957

Thanks, and thank you for working with us!

If anyone else is running into this issue, we found that an old migration update for Firefox to Firefox ESR was still showing for this user. This update had been expired previously, but somehow wasn't expired in this case. We will be re-adding the expired update to the catalog to ensure that it is truly expired for all users.

The workaround until we publish a new catalog update is to decline the updates using our Modify Updates Wizard.


Could you please get us the logs, through our technical support email would probably be the best:

I did a quick check on the applicability rules and installers for those updates, and everything seems to check out right now, so I'd like to see the logs showing what is going on. Thanks!

Thanks for testing. This should be resolved in today's catalog update, please let us know if you continue to experience this issue tomorrow.

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