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I've just tried updating Camtasia 2018 for the first time and the update isn't being detected. Is it possible that it may not be detected because we've installed the app via the MSI version and the update is using the EXE version? I've seen MSI vs. EXE updates in the notification emails before. Camtasia provides both MSI and EXE installers so it may require separate updates.

Publishing Adobe Air failed due to incorrect file digest.

From the log:
PublishItem: --- Digest verification failed on content for software update 'Air (UpdateId:'2efb73e8-8b4d-4068-99ed-6897b84f35e6' Vendor:'Adobe Systems, Inc.' Product:'Air')'.$$<Updates Publisher><Mon Sep 8 10:34:51.22 2014.4><thread=4>
PublishItem: --- Publish of software update 'Air (UpdateId:'2efb73e8-8b4d-4068-99ed-6897b84f35e6' Vendor:'Adobe Systems, Inc.' Product:'Air')' has FAILED.$$<Updates Publisher><Mon Sep 8 10:34:51.23 2014.4><thread=4>

I've tried local source and network URL source without success.


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