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Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime 109.0.1518.55 (EXE-x64)

Started by Mark McCarron, January 17, 2023, 09:39:55 AM

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Mark McCarron

We've seen some issues today on client that have Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime, in the release notes the version is 109.0.1518.52 however on the SCCM console it shows as 109.0.1518.55 this is also the case in the package.xml file.

Microsoft look to have published an update on the 16th for version "Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime 109.0.1518.52" through WSUS, this looks to have rolled the installed app back and broken/corrupted the install.

Is the PMP published version incorrect?

Adam Cook (Patch My PC)

Hi Mark, may you share the below logs please? Feel free to email to [email protected] and we can

%WinDir%\CCM\Logs\PatchMyPC-ScriptRunner.log (If exist)
This may be found in the %ProgramData%\PatchMyPC\ if the Install was initiated by the user from Software Center.
You need to run Get-WindowsUpdateLog on Windows 8.1 and newer in PowerShell.

Spencer (Patch My PC)

Hey Mark,

Thanks for reaching out, please do send us those logs for further review!

However, there was an issue with our detection scripts and naming of that specific version (.52) where we had named it .55 by accident. This has since been fixed and we suggest deleting the application using the ConfigMgr Application Wizard then running a Publishing Service Sync to pull down the corrected package/detection for that product.


Adam Cook (Patch My PC)

Please don't forget C:\Windows\temp\msedge_installer.log


I think this issue bit our company and we are currently trying to figure out how big of an issue this is.
We use Citrix Workspace and PowerBI Desktop and users with those applications are getting errors because of WebView2.

Do we know if the issue with having it named .55 then redone with .52 caused any other issues?

In our company when an update is detected (in this case Sunday .55 was updated) then the following morning it is deployed to everyone.
Then on Monday night it was fixed, so on Tuesday morning that fix was deployed to our users, and that is when we started seeing the issue.
Some users that have Ciitrix Workspace 2205 installed are now constantly seeing an error pop up referencing WebView2, when they close it, after a few hours it pops back up, and does this constantly.
So not sure if the files themeselves were different, but it seems this boo boo has caused things to break for us.

Wondering is anyone else has seen this?

Adam Cook (Patch My PC)

We released .55 on Sunday, but it was mislabelled, it should have been .52. Therefore we rereleased it with .52 on Monday.

This sequence of events causes the installer to initiate a reinstall. If software is running which depends on webview2, the reinstall would fail and leave webview2 in a partially installed state. This in turn leaves other software that depends on webview2 in a broken state.

We have repro steps but still trying to work out the best way to coordinate remediation actions for customers.


yeah that is what I have kinda figured is what happened.

On a machine that had the issue, I logged in with an admin account and when I went to uninstall it from Control Panel I get a message that an error occurred while trying to uninstall, it may have already been  uninstalled. Would you like to remove it... so I thought that was strange.. but speaks to what you are saying..

Adam Cook (Patch My PC)

It's frustrating the installer _reinstalls_ if the same version is already installed. Most installers just bail if it detects the same version is installed. That coupled, with our broken detection logic when we mislabelled .55, is what has caused the issue.

Definitely reach out to [email protected] and indicate you're impacted by this. It'll be an easier means for us to update you with progress with our remediation actions.



We have experienced exactly the same issue with Citrix Workspace since the first release. We are using the latest workspace app. I'll email support also.


Adam Cook (Patch My PC)

A new update 109.0.1518.61 is in our catalogue. Publishing and deploying that as-is without any other special instructions should resolve the issues. Kindly test this and let us know how you get on?