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Messages - Adam Cook (Patch My PC)

Thanks for sharing those.

What you've experienced is bug and we have started an effort to identify and notify impacted customers.

In order to resolve, you should check the box to enable Ivanti Secure Access (x64) in the product list and this should resolve the issue. After doing this, may you collect logs again and reshare? I want to be sure.
Hey JImmy_O,

As you say Ivanti did rebrand the Pulse Connect Secure client to Ivanti Secure Access. In the latest update of the Publisher,, Ivanti Secure Access x64 should have actually been checked for you if you have Pulse Connect Secure x64 checked.

It sounds like you're reporting none of them are checked, but you're still seeing alerts about the Publisher trying to publish them? If so, that sounds weird. May you click 'Collect logs' in the General tab and share them via https://patchmypc.com/share? This will help me piece together a bit better what's going on.
Yes, you can add scripts and various other customisation options via right clicking on the product. This document details all of the available right click options: https://patchmypc.com/custom-options-available-for-third-party-updates-and-applications
In your screenshots, you have jre-8u531-windows-i586.exe in your local content repository, however the Teams webhook notification is telling you it needs the x64 installer jre-8u351-windows-x64.exe.
Hey Magzime,

May you share a screenshot of what you see in your local content repository and a copy of PatchMyPC.log? Feel free to share these privately via https://patchmypc.com/share.
We need to use a shorter value as the maximum value a number can be in any given segment of a version is 65535. This limitation is because of the Windows Update service/agent.

The docs for Windows Installer (MSIs) covers this but I don't think one exists that talks about this specifically for this WUA: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/msi/version
Hi, may you please delete the package in Intune and resyncing to create it? We made various adjustments to the detection logic for some Adobe software.
Hello, we update our catalogue yesterday with the updated hash. Kindly resync.
Yes, we recently changed it to local content repository because the vendor was extremely slow at updating their public download links.
Hey Oliver, the issue has now been resolved. You may need to close and re-open the Publisher to see what was missing in the Package Details window.
Thank you for letting us know. This is a known issue we are currently investigating. We will follow up with you shortly.

This is a known issue with Visual Studio Code if it is patched while open. We document this here as a title to close before patching, which can be achieved using the Manage Conflicting Processes feature: When to enable: Notify the user to close the application.

We also opened a GitHub issue on the repository for the software that might be worth sharing: Failed to update: An error occurred while trying to replace the existing file, DeleteFile failed; code 5, Access is denied.
Hello, I recommend republishing the offending update which contains the old PatchMyPC-ScriptRunner.exe. The latest version of scriptrunner is and expires in 2025.

In case you're curious: the version of script runner (usually) always matches the same version as the Patch My PC Publisher itself.

It sounds like you have an old/mature update which was published quite some time ago.
Hey James,

To achieve this, you'll be looking at using the Modify command line right click option to add the custom MSI arg CONFIGFILE. And you may want to use the 'Additional file(s)' option in the Add custom pre/post script right click option to include your pulsepreconfig file within the same package once uploaded to Intune. However if your pulsepreconfig is on C:\temp for all your devices, then you won't need to do that.

For instance, if you entered the below value in Modify command line (see 1.png). Then browsed out to choose the pulsepreconfig file as an additional file (see 2.png). At the time of publishing and uploading to Intune, myconfiguration.pulsepreconfig will be bundled altogether at the same time in the same package, hence why it's relevatively referenced in the CONFIGFILE parameter.