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enabling Patch My PC Cloud Connection and possibly related error messages

Started by BugsBunny, April 22, 2024, 07:40:36 AM

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We recently enabled the Patch My PC Cloud Connection. When I click the "Test Connection" button, the connection status tells me I'm connected. We haven't added any custom apps yet.

Wondering if that's the reason (because we haven't added any apps yet) I'm seeing the following "error" messages (that aren't really errors) in the PatchMyPC.log file:

An error occurred while getting the list of supported products [Status code: 404]: Not Found
Status: 404
 [PatchMyPC_Core.Cloud.Api.AppCat.ApiException] HResult: -2146233088

An error occurred while getting the list of vendors:
---> Failed to get the list of custom supported products [Status code: NotFound] [System.Exception] HResult: -2146233088

An empty XML payload was retrieved from the cloud. If there are no applications published then this is expected.

I'm pretty certain that's what the messages are referring to, but just wanted to get some confirmation. Thanks!

Ben Whitmore (Patch My PC)

Hey BugsBunny, thanks for enabling the Custom Apps connection. Its normal to see this if you have not added any Custom Apps yet. I think the team are working on how we log errors for our cloud connection - it infers something is broken but it actually means something less evil. If you create a custom app and the error persists in the log, please let us know! Thanks, Ben.