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Hide desktop shortcut for custom apps

Started by mlafifi, April 18, 2024, 10:37:54 AM

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I am using the Patch My PC Custom Apps feature (side note: it works so well!) and the MSI leaves a desktop shortcut for the app.  We would rather this not occur.  The option to "Delete desktop shortcut(s) created by this application" that we normally choose in the pmpc app is greyed out/disabled.  The MSI is not made in-house, it is vendor provided.  (The MSIs that we make in-house we do not choose to leave the desktop shortcut).  What is the best practice for ensuring these desktop shortcuts are either not created or removed after install?


Andrew Jimenez (Patch My PC)


The best option at the moment is probably to add a post-install script to remove the shortcut, or check if there is a property that can be passed to disable the creation of the shortcut.

A quick Powershell Script with the following could probably do the trick:
Remove-Item C:\Users\*\Desktop\[shortcut.lnk]

Should do the trick, you could also target just the default profile's path to skip removing the shortcut from every user's desktop.