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Advanced Insights - OSD Content missing wim details

Started by SGB_002, August 08, 2023, 12:56:14 PM

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Looking at the OS Deployment and Content Sources tabs, I do not see any references to the install.wim or drivers.wim used by the task sequences.  When I look at the task sequence steps, I do see the task (i.e. Apply Operating System with min/max/avg timings) but not the details of the source/destination of the actual pkg/content.

Is there setting in application or IIS that will display this information?

Spencer (Patch My PC)

Hello, and thanks for reaching out to support! I have forwarded this inquiry to our Advanced Insights team for review. Once they've had a chance to review your request, they will respond with further instructions!

Thanks for your patients!

Spencer (Patch My PC)

Hey there!

Just got word from our AI devs and this is what they stated:

 At this time there is currently no source of data at the server or way of harvesting from client logs where content came from during OS Deployment. A remote possibility is that the Status Message data may contain location data for downloaded packages/apps/drivers/images. This is something we'll have to look into and see if that data can be accessed.

In the meantime, I urge you to submit a uservoice item so our devs can track this request and keep you and other customers updated on the status! 😊

You can submit the request here:


You should check the specific configuration and logging settings within your deployment tool or system to view details.