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Can't Disable "C++ 2022 Redist. (x64)" - Possible Bug?

Started by Richard, February 25, 2024, 10:28:32 AM

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When I select "Disable scanning for this app" for "C++ 2022 Redist. (x64)" it becomes disabled.  However, when I close Patch My PC Updater and open it again this software check is no longer disabled (i.e. the disabling does not persist).

This only happens with the "C++ 2022 Redist. (x64)" app and not other apps I've disabled checking for.

Is this a known issue?  Could it be a bug caused by the + symbol being in the title of the software?


Omar (Patch My PC)

Hey Richard,
Thanks for letting us know! And sorry about this!
This will be fixed in the next update of the home updater :)