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100% Failure for Dell Command Update 5.2.0 via Intune

Started by MPangersis, February 05, 2024, 09:14:31 AM

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Hello, is anyone else having issues with the latest Dell Command Update 5.2.0 installing via Intune? When 5.1.0 was released back in November it upgraded on all our nearly 600 devices with no issues. 5.2.0 was released last week and it is a 100% failure rate. Possibly this is a conflicting process issue? In the following log file:


I see this entry referenced a couple times:

[Fri Feb  2 07:28:20 2024]   
--- End of Vendor Software Log ---

[Fri Feb  2 07:28:20 2024]   Vendor Software Return Code: 1603
[Fri Feb  2 07:28:20 2024]   *** RemoveDirectory() has reported failure.  The error message reported by the system is:  The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.
[Fri Feb  2 07:28:20 2024]   Name of Exit Code: DEP_HARD_ERROR
[Fri Feb  2 07:28:20 2024]   Exit Code set to: 4 (0x4)
[Fri Feb  2 07:28:20 2024]   Result: FAILURE
[Fri Feb  2 07:28:20 2024]   Name of Exit Code: DEP_HARD_ERROR
[Fri Feb  2 07:28:20 2024]   Execution terminated at date-time Fri Feb  2 07:28:20 2024
[Fri Feb  2 07:28:20 2024]   ######


Hi MPangersis,
Would you be able to forward some of the failure logs over to [email protected]?
We can look through some of them to see what's going on, then reply back here.



Spencer (Patch My PC)

Posting an update as this is highlighted on our known issues page regarding Exit code 4 and DCU 4.8 and newer:


Dell Command Update 4.8 and newer installs an Appx package. The installation may fail with an exit code 4 if consideration has not been made for this appx package in the AppLocker rules.

Customers may observe EventID 8025 in the "AppLocker: Packaged app-Deployment" windows event log also.

Please verify AppLocker rules and exclude DCU if applicable.


As a follow up on this issue for anyone who may stumble upon it (including Dell service techs), the link above for the known issue is for the Dell Command Update Windows Universal installer. This issue is for the Dell Command Update Classic installer. I continued troubleshooting with Patch My PC support and even performing a manual installation outside of Intune/Patch My PC fails with the same error. I am currently/still working with Dell support to troubleshoot the cause.