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How to add a program to the list of your database

Started by Gianca1963, February 05, 2024, 03:29:51 AM

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Respectable Patchmypc , after having used your program, I have noticed that it finds only the programs that are on your database. Now i want gently to know if i can add manually a program that it is not present on your database to follow automatically if there is an update.

Waiting for your gently response, I salute you.

Omar (Patch My PC)

Hi there, thank you for your message :)

We have to be the ones who adds the new software to the home updater because there are some conditions that must be met and so we can test it before releasing it publicly :)
However, you can tell us what software you would want us to add, and we will see if we can add them soon :) they must be free-to-use software though :) 

BTW, We currently are working on a new major upgrade of the home updater which will have hundreds of new software!


Respectable Administrator I want to thank you for the answer to my question. After having read carefully your answer I have noticed that you tell me that you can add only free software. But if i own many programs that i have bought and that have a licence for which reason can they not be added to your database?

Thanking again for your answer and waiting gently for the answer to my new question , I salute you

Justin Chalfant (Patch My PC)

Thanks for your message and question about adding paid programs to our updater.

We keep free software in our updater because it's straightforward – everyone gets the same version. With paid software, it's different. You might have a license for a specific version of a program, and if we updated it without knowing, it could cause problems. Maybe the new version wouldn't work with your license, or it might even break some rules in the license agreement.

So, to avoid any trouble, we don't automatically update paid software. It's better if you check for updates directly from the company that sold you the software. They'll know exactly what version you should have.

Hope that makes sense. If you've got any other questions, feel free to ask.