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Home updater. Sorry is I posted in the wrong forum.

The latest-virtio folder is what to look for.

This essentially is the equivalent of vmware-tools for Windows client in ESX.
virtio is needed on the Windows guest when the hypervisor is a KVM (Linux) box.
Incidentally they update virtio rather often so this would be very handy.
pCloud is becoming one of the biggest provider for home users due to their lifetime storage package.

It would be nice to have the client updated as part of the PatchMyPC operations.


It would be great if the two software in the title could be supported.

Cryptomator - https://cryptomator.org/downloads/
WinFsp - https://github.com/winfsp/winfsp/releases

As per title I'm on (x64) and PatchMyPC reports Everything in Red.