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Weird issue when updating potplayer

Started by DerpDerpingtonIsHere, November 17, 2020, 12:14:19 AM

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This has happened on multiple computers with different versions of Patch my PC as well. It will update potplayer but after say it's still out of date. I have tried even manually downloading from the potplayer site to see if this fixes the issue but still shows up that it needs to be updated. I confirmed the version shown in Patch My PC and the version installed are identical which they are. I have tried just doing a fresh Patch My Pc and just trying Potplayer with it uninstalled before, and after a fresh Patch My PC. I am kind of lost here and it only affects Pot Player. Maybe this is a but? Any solution would be greatly appreciated.

-Thank you

Omar (Patch My PC)

Hi there,
Sorry about that, it looks like they changed their version number style!
We just fixed it, I hope it works fine now :)