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Number of installation completed by Patch My PC

Started by PS_Alex, May 15, 2023, 03:36:20 PM

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Hi all,

We are currently reviewing Patch My PC, and I've ben tasked to find a way to count the number of installation that were realized by a Patch My PC update or configmgr app. Is there a way I can track that kind of statistics?

Currently, we allow apps that rely on a native updater (i.e. Google Chrome, or Adobe Acrobat/Reader) to auto-update using their built-in mechanism. On top of that, we've enabled these updates in Patch My PC. We want to quantify the number of updates that were done by PmP vs those completed by the auto-update mechanism.

Thanks! :)

Andrew Jimenez (Patch My PC)


There isn't a way to do this at this time. ConfigMgr Apps and updates simply check the existence of an app, it does not track the installation method of said applications and updates. You may be able to utilize post-install scripts in Patch My PC to track when Patch My PC based applications have been installed/updated, but this would definitely be a custom configuration.


Thanks, that's what I feared.

From what I understood of the Patch My PC product is that it downloads the latest updates from the various providers, creates an update/an application based on your instructions/customizations, and injects the newly-created objects in SCCM. Next, what you do with the objects is up to you, and Patch My PC is not aware of it. Hence it's inability to track installations.

I've been looking at adding a post-install script to my updates that would generate something after installation completes. I would prefer not to rely on SCCM for that; creating a custom WMI class for hardware inventory and adding an instance in it for every install could work, but I would lose stats on deleted devices. I was then messing with creating an event in Windows' events logs, and capture that using Microsoft Monitoring Agent/Azure Monitor Agent and feed it in Log Analytics, but I've been having issues with our proxy. That's why I asked if you had anything native to Patch My PC.

I'll submit an idea and see how people react to it.  :)
PATCHMYPC-I-2972 - Dashboard to track number of installations accomplished by Patch My PC