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Publishing Console version

We enabled the ConfigMgr App Adobe Acrobat Reader DC MUI in order for Patch My PC to automatically generate an application during sync. We needed to add an MST transform file to the base installer, we stumbled upon Add an MST Transform to the Adobe Acrobat Reader Base Install in Patch My PC's knowledge base.

Wanting a better organisation of our files (separate scripts and resource files), instead of adding the MST file as an additional file in the Add custom pre/post update installation scripts window, we added a whole folder --which contains the MST file. Then, we customized the command line as with additionnal arguments TRANSFORMS="%CurrentDir%\res\AcroRead2.mst" /QN.

What we observed, though, is that installation of Acrobat Reader ended with exit code 1624 -- the MST file was not found at expected location. Looking at the command line run by the ScriptRunner, we could see that the Transforms argument has been modified to contain double-times the path to the CcmCache folder!

See attached screenshots.

Question: is this behavior something specific to Adobe Acrobat Reader? In the command line modification, does %CurrentDir% always resolves to C:\Windows\CCMCache\xx\C:\Windows\CCMCache\xx ?

(We ended up adding the MST file directly instead of as an additional folder, exactly as described in the knowledge base. Now, the installation works.)

So I'm new here in using Patch My PC.

Trying to use the latest Microsoft Power BI Desktop 2.104.941 (x64) software update as published in SCCM by Patch My PC to update current installs of PBI Desktop. I notice that the PBI Desktop installer proceed with a software uninstall before installing the newest release. This causes two behaviors I'm wondering how to work around:
- the software update would not install when an instance of Power BI Desktop is running, and there is no notification i.e. in the PBI Desktop's user interface to request the user to close the app. Thus, the software update installation fails;
- any customization made during an initial installation is lost. For example, here, we set the default language to French using the LANGUAGE=fr-FR installation option in our SCCM application; after the installation is completed, there is an HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft Power BI Desktop:DefaultUICulture = fr-FR registry value. During the software update installation, I noticed that the whole Microsoft Power BI Desktop key is deleted, and after the software update is installed, the value of DefaultUICulture = en-US.

How do you guys work around these limitations?
Quote from: Admin - Omar on December 21, 2018, 10:30:33 AM
We are now using "DISABLE_UPDATE_NOTIFICATION=1" with the rest of the switches starting from today's catalog update for "Microsoft Power BI Desktop 2.65.5313.701" :)

I've just installed Power BI Desktop 2.104.941 (x64) third-party software update. When I observe the installation options in  C:\Windows\Temp\Microsoft_PowerBI_Desktop_(x64)_<date>_000_ProductMSI.log, I notice that DISABLE_UPDATE_NOTIFICATION="0". And in the registry, I don't find the expected HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft Power BI Desktop:DisableUpdateNotification = 1 registry value after the update has completed.

I'm new to Patch My PC, so not sure if you have revised the command line options since 2018?