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Tableau Desktop 22 22.3.2825 (x64) - fails to download

Started by vik, May 06, 2024, 01:10:27 AM

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Hello there,

My daily publishing report shows the following error - regarding Tableau Desktop 22 22.3.2825 (x64)
Following your guidelines here.
Getting the download URL from PatchMyPC.log:


I have no issues whatsoever downloading the exe-file - hence no blocking on my side.
I tried downloading the file - and copied it to my local repository folder - but it doesn't get picked up at the next sync cycle.

I have had this in my report since May 01 - 2024.
What to do?

Raunak Desai (Patch My PC)

Hey Vik,

Tableau has recently started blocking automated downloads, including from our Publisher and we are attempting to find a workaround.

In the meantime, as a workaround, you can make use of the Local Content Repository. Download the latest installer yourself and place it in your configured repository and the Publisher will pick it up from there (ensure the checkbox to "check the local content repository for content files before attempting to download content files from the internet" is checked) -


You will need to manually download the installer file corresponding with the version you wish to publish, and store it in your LCR for the publishing to be successful:

Ultimately this is an issue with the sources the vendor provides, and we hope they resolve the issue(s) on their end so that we can help you fully automate the publishing of their software


Hey Raunak,

Good to know - thanks for sharing.
I have now checked "check the local content repository" - and ran a manual publishing service sync.

The file is picked up from the local repository - and deployed.

Report is still flagging the failed download - but the software is deployed :)

I have attached screenshots for anyone stumbling upon this thread - and perhaps wondering where to find the checkbox for local repository.

Consider this case solved!