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Git (x64) no application created in SCCM

Started by PMP-Lindner, March 05, 2024, 01:06:48 PM

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I have problems to get the Git (x64) application created in SCCM via Patch My PC. For Git (x86) i don't have any problems and the application is shown in SCCM.

No matter if i use the publish or republish method it always ends up like this.

The application [Git (x64)] meets the criteria for enabled products based on the vendor [The Git Development Community] Worker 05.03.2024 20:53:25 8 (0x0008)
Found that [Path: \\MECM\Sources$\Applications\The Git Development Community\Git (x64)\aca1ac9a-7f40-42fc-9d09-26042808363d] does not exist. Will begin processing application [Git (x64)] Worker 05.03.2024 20:53:25 8 (0x0008)
[Git (x64)] contains supersedence relationships. Checking if any superseded applications currently exist Worker 05.03.2024 20:53:25 8 (0x0008)
No superseded application found, will create a new application Worker 05.03.2024 20:53:25 8 (0x0008)
Creating a new ConfigMgr application for: The Git Development Community [Git (x64)] Worker 05.03.2024 20:53:25 8 (0x0008)
Querying SMSProvider to see if an application already exists [SourceFoulder: \\MECM\Sources$\Applications\The Git Development Community\Git (x64)\aca1ac9a-7f40-42fc-9d09-26042808363d] SccmHelper 05.03.2024 20:53:25 8 (0x0008)
Git (x64) exists in ConfigMgr, but the content source folder \\MECM\Sources$\Applications\The Git Development Community\Git (x64)\aca1ac9a-7f40-42fc-9d09-26042808363d wasn't found. Worker 05.03.2024 20:53:25 8 (0x0008)
Removing PublishNow flag for Git (x64) Worker 05.03.2024 20:53:25 8 (0x0008)

Yes the content source folder does not exist but shouldn't Patch My PC download and create that folder?

I already had that problem with Git (x64).

Is it possible that the problem is in our SCCM? But we only have the problem with Git (x64) all other 45 Application we use with Patch My PC don't have problems.

Kyle (Patch My PC)


For issues such as this, please submit a support ticket through our website with the following link:


If you could, please include the log export from your PMPC Publisher install with your support case, that will help us diagnose the issue.